The Art of Submission: Everything You Need to Start Submitting Your Work Today

September means one thing in the life of a writer: it’s submission season.

For as difficult as it may have been to find journals that accept work in the summer, September marks the month when almost every single journal starts accepting submissions again. Be it fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or memoir, this is the time of year when the options for where to submit are endless.

And with that, of course, comes a whole lot of daunt.

In thinking about facing down another submission season, I also realized that it’s been exactly one year since I started writing this column. So I spent the last few days pouring over the posts I have written, the tips I have shared, and the epiphanies I have come to about the submission process, and there is one thing that became abundantly clear: I am terrible at following my own advice. From everything to why we should submit to finding the right journal to submit to, I have talked a big game while just playing ball.


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