The Art of Submission: 5 Women's Writing Residencies To Apply To Today

Maybe it’s all of the sunshine and warm breeze these days, but there is definitely something about summer that always makes me want to get away. I fantasize every time the weather starts to warm up about escaping to some faraway island where the only thing there is to think about is turning the page of the book I am reading and reapplying sunscreen.

I’m sure we all want this for our summers, but for writers, our dreams of getting away can look a little different. Mine, for instance, also involve relative solitude, no internet connection, and food delivered to my door so that I don’t have to worry about weekly grocery trips or being famished by the time I look up from my work.

But here’s the good news: as writers, this bit of solitude is not only accessible to us, it’s downright necessary. A weekend spent in a hotel by yourself to finish up a short story, a week in a friend’s cabin to nail down the ending of your novel, or—if you’re like me—a night spent in a 24-hour diner so that you actually revise instead of watching another episode of Born in the Wild.


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