Spring Workshops at Writers in Progress

Good news: I’ll be leading half-day workshops on two of my favorite subjects this spring! Also, my Writing from Life workshop will be running again in April. Check out the details below…

Writing From Life

Lorrie Moore once said that, “for the writer, the facts of life are like ingredients in a kitchen cupboard.” The cake we make is the story we end up telling. “That,” she says, “is how life and art are related…” No matter what we write, our experiences, observations perceptions and inclinations are the greatest inspiration and fodder for our work. In this weekly generative workshop, writers will receive a series of prompts to help them tap into their deepest material and move them into a sustained period of writing. Afterward, we’ll have the opportunity to share our work and receive thoughtful feedback from the group.  Weekly craft tips!

Wednesdays, 6-9pm; 8-week spring workshop begins April 3rd ($325)  Register Now

Dialogue Intensive

Effective dialogue is the linchpin of successful scene-writing.  Dialogue can propel a story forward, reveal character, increase narrative tension: in short, dialogue done well engages readers like no other craft element. Yet, for almost all writers, writing compelling and authentic dialogue is one of the biggest hurdles. In this half-day intensive, writers will look closely at the elements of dialogue that make for effective scene work. Through exercises and examples, writers will learn how to craft dialogue that is purposeful, builds character, and develops the subtext that gives their scenes life. Participants should feel free to bring work that is already in progress, but writers of all levels and genres are welcome!

Saturday, April 20th, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. ($75)  Register Now

First Impressions: Writing Strong Beginnings

When it comes to sending our work out into the world, first impressions are often times all we have. With submissions piling up on editors’ and agents’ desks, writing a strong beginning is critical to getting our work noticed. But what exactly goes into a strong start? In this half-day workshop, we’ll go over the five things every first page needs, looking closely at examples of writers who do this successfully, and taking some time to work on our own. In addition to handouts, tips, and writing time, this workshop will include insights from working agents and editors about what they are looking for when they look at the first page. All genres welcome!

Saturday, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., May 18th ($75)  Register Now